LOVE. PEACE. JOY.  They sounds so simple, why are they so hard to find in our lives? Too often we try to find our LOVE, PEACE, & JOY in the things we own, or in shallow pleasures of this world. We've all had that moment of regret ~ Binge-watching something on Netflix, the wrong relationship, one too many at the club, or consuming an entire large pizza by yourself (because, at that moment, any pizza can be a personal size if you try hard enough, amirite?) We thought "it" would make us content. Satisfied. Bring us Joy. Feel whole. Loved. But that's not the feeling we get after, is it? We need to re-learn, to REDEFINE, what truly gives us love, peace, and joy in our lives.
  • WHAT IF - rather than just hearing someone tell you "GOD has a purpose for your life" you could have people caring to be a part of FINDING WHAT THAT IS?
  • WHAT IF - even if you're not sure how GOD fits into "all of this" you still had a community of willing support?
  • WHAT IF - you could start understanding and learning more of what Jesus really was saying to His friends - and to us all?
Come and spend an hour or two with us. We've been where you've been, and desire to see you through. Besides seeking the LOVE PEACE and JOY for ourselves, we've found something more. HOPE. Hope in a life that really matters, to yourself, and to share with those around you. HOPE in a life that can make a difference. IN you, and for others. HOPE in something way better than your best day NOW. Join us to discover Your Life Redefined by faith - together with others - in Christ.