Pastor Raymond Garcia
Pastor Raymond founded The Philadelphia Project and currently holds the position of Executive Chair on the Board.  Pastor Raymond’s experience includes working with families and youth at Grace Presbyterian Church, Bethany Collegiate Presbyterian Church, and Trinity Presbyterian Church. Pastor Raymond graduated from Eastern University in St. Davids, PA with his Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Youth Ministry, with minors in Biblical Studies and Communications. 
 He then felt led to attend Palmer Theological Seminary in 2005. He received his Master of Divinity in 2008. Pastor Raymond has been ordained and received by the Presbytery of Philadelphia 
A Message from Pastor Raymond
I seek to serve in a congregation that is diverse.  Diversity ranges from socio-
economic classes to ethnic make up, from political viewpoints to positions on Biblical interpretation.  I believe that the diversity we find within the church is a much greater representation of the diversity we find outside of the church.  I desire to serve a congregation who recognizes their position of influence in the world, and desires to share their enlightenment with those whom remain spiritually lost.  Ultimately I desire to serve a congregation that exists for those not yet a part of it.
 My calling is fully wrapped up in my understanding of our position with God.  I have a heart for those who have turned their hearts away from God, or have hardened their hearts toward the compelling love of God.  My early church experience, discipleship, and mentoring, have molded my desires to offer deep learning opportunities within the community of faith, as well as opportunities to experience God in a real and tangible manner through missions opportunities.
I believe in leading by example.  My goal for leadership is to first model, then equip followed by empowering.  As I work with folks in the congregation, one of my goals is for them to see me living out the life of discipleship that we as a church are challenging them to live as well.  Through a strong commitment to Biblical teaching, and the faithful practice of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I desire for others to be equipped with the tools necessary for faithful living and fulfillment in their own journey of discipleship.  Finally empowering others to not only be “hearers” but also “doers” of the word.

Director of Worship - Scott Granato
Scott & Heather
My first passion in life and in ministry is to have an ever growing relationship with God.  Through this relationship, God inspires and grows me in my walk as a Christian and a leader. My relationship with God is the life source for my ministry at RPC. My passion in ministry is to lead God’s people to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Worship is an integral part of the Christian life and is the complete submission of ourselves to God’s will. Our lives should be worshipping 
Scott & Heather
to God at all times, but when we think of worship, many times we think about corporate 
I was called by God at a very young age. I grew up in a Christian home where I learned about worship where the Body of Chirst worships together. Music is a very important part of worshipping God. God gave us music and other forms of art as a way of showing God praise and worshipping Him. It is my passion to develop these ideas in the people of the congregation, as well as inspire people gifted in music and art to worship God through there gifts.  
Christ and what He has done for me. I have always known God, but of course with the mountains and valleys of life. I knew that God was above all and that Christ died for me so that I may receive salvation as a gift from Him. When I came to RPC, I really connected with my Youth Pastor, Sam Sutter, and we had a great relationship. He really helped me grow spiritually and helped develop the gift of music that God has given me. From then on I continued growing and as a result God blessed me with more and more understanding of my call to worship ministry. I can truly see how God has blessed me in many ways and I am thankful for all that He has done for me. The most of which is the sacrifice of His Son on the cross on my behalf.    

Director of Student Ministries - Matt Hillanbrand
Strongman Matt
What a journey life has been. I grew up as a typical kid here in Roxborough and half way through high school some thing drastically changed. I found life by following Jesus, meaning I started believing in Christ at the age of 16, thanks to God using my youth leaders and my youth pastor here at RPC for pointing me to Jesus. Several months later my dad told me I was going on a missions trip with the Youth Group. I had no idea what he meant by that, but by the end of that week spent in the hollers of Kentucky, I knew that God wanted me to do something with my life that would be honoring to Him. So I went off to college to learn about the Bible and ministry and during that time the Lord really molded me into who I am now. As I have matured and grown in my walk with Jesus, I have had some amazing opportunities to serve the Church through being a youth pastor and worship leader down in North Carolina. When I moved back to Philadelphia, God laid it on my heart to come back to RPC and pick up where some good, godly guys left off as the Youth Director. Looking back I see how much I have to be joyful/thankful for because of how God has allowed me to be apart of His plan for people experiencing life change through Jesus. 

Matt HillanbrandThe thing I want to do and love doing the most with my life is serving the Lord. Another thing I love is serving the local church. I especially love serving the church through youth ministry, teaching, music, and other creative arts. It's and honor and blessing to be able to teach and equip people to follow Jesus and to do ministry. I especially love teaching middle school and high school students. Adolescence is such crucial time in a person’s life and as a youth worker I get a unique chance to be a part of seeing someone grow into a follower of Jesus. I am looking forward to seeing how God will mold and grow our church and our students.
Contact Info: 
If you need information about upcoming events, or just to talk, or have questions about faith, or want to play some b-ball, or
need someone to pray with or for you, or maybe do a WaWa run, Matt's your man.

Treasurer - Joan Granato
I enjoy working with figures that utilize my math skills and I also enjoy details and organization. Sharing this talent at RPC and using them to better handle our church funds. A heart to see Christ glorified through the loving, accountable, efficient stewardship of the financial resources with which He has entrusted RPC. The Church Treasurer is the primary financial officer of the church, and has responsibility for leading, under the oversight of the Session, the execution of all financial accounting including monthly expenses and financial reporting, budgeting activities, year-end reporting, the preparation of the annual financial statements, and the Stewardship Campaign. As a staff member I am required to lead the Finance Committee during monthly meetings to oversee all the financial activities and investments of RPC.
I grew up in a Christian home where church life and involvement was natural. As a teenager I was exposed to a wonderful youth group where I grew in my Christian faith and accepted Christ as my Savior. I decided to become a church member, which has led me to be in a life of love, devotion to family, and a continued walk in faith.