We hope that you are thinking about visiting and being part of the family of Roxborough Church!

If your visit will be the first time you have come to a Christian Church,
we are especially happy to welcome you. We want to tell you about what you can expect in our worship service. If you visit, you will be our guest. We hope you will meet some of the people and benefit from worshiping with us. You may be asked to fill out one of our attendance cards. (greeters at the door usually provide them). If you are comfortable doing this, we would be happy to use the information to respond appropriately to your needs during, or after, your visit. If you have been a part of the Christian Faith, most of what you see will be familiar and comfortable for you.

Your kids are welcome too. 
We have nursery facilities for 
kids up to five years of age, 
and Junior Church during
 the service for older kids. 
People of all ages are welcome 
to stay for the whole service 
if they would like.

How a Worship Service is laid out:
from our ample parking lot 
via the "Welcome Center" walkway - it's the wheelchair accessible entrance located  between the church and our historic cemetery. In the Welcome Center you can pickup a coffee before and after gathering for worship. We assemble at 10:30am in the church's sanctuary 
- where our service takes place.
Sit in any seat - there are no special sections or reserved pews. Dress is  usually"business casual", though there are no set rules of what to wear. You should receive a bulletin when arriving in the sanctuary. This small pamphlet will outline the order of the service, and will also list upcoming opportunities to meet or serve with our community.
Our Sunday worship 
includes the following:
There are prayers during a worship service. These are usually led by the pastor, or a worship assistant. The first prayer is called our "Call to Worship" and is usually read allowed in unison from the church bulletin, or an overhead screen. Other prayers the worship service are spoken before the congregation, and we usually stand or sit quietly with heads bowed. You may hear members of the congregation assent to thoughts in prayers or at the close of the prayer by voicing "Amen".
Welcome and Announcements
Usually the pastor will announce any opportunities during the coming weeks to gather together, either as outreach to the community, a call to help in service to our Lord, perhaps group study times, or times of fellowship. Most of these will also be in the church bulletin you received when entering.
Music and Song
Our Worship team ("the Band") plays a mix of both traditional hymns, and contemporary songs of praise created by Christian artists. Songs introduce, or follow the theme of the sermon given by the pastor. The words are usually projected on a screen and many times are found in the red hymnals, 
in each pew
Collection, or Tithing
This is a time for members of the congregation to contribute to support the work of the church.
 If you are visiting with us, please feel comfortable letting the collection plate pass without making a gift.
Praises and Concerns
This is a time that the pastor asks if there are any prayer requests of those attending. There may be no response, or some may ask for prayers for special circumstances in their lives. We then pray silently together, with perhaps the pastor aiding by leading our thoughts, reminding of requests that people have made. 
The Sermon
Usually part of each worship period will be devoted to preaching from the Bible. At Roxborough Church, the pastor strives to make these sermons interesting and relevant to the lives of those attending. 

 So now you know what to expect. What are you waiting for? Come visit!

Do you have any questions? 
Ask any of the members of the congregation and they will help you or introduce you to someone who can. 
One of our elders is available after services and can speak with you. 
Also, Pastor Ray would be happy 
to meet with you at your convenience. Use our Contact Page or info below.